Experience Introduction Congratulations, the future is in your hands! DoUC realizes there is a need for more inclusive and broad discussion about the future. Why is the responsibility of imagining a future for all of us given to only a handful of people? Each of us carries with us experiences that influence how we perceive the world, and those experiences deserve a place to be expressed as we create a picture of the future. Canvas of Impressions is meant to create a space that doesn’t limit the possibilities of the future with the constraints or failures of the past, instead building individual thoughts and ideas into collective landscapes of the future that can be explored, experienced and interpreted by everyone. By taking part in this project, you are helping to create a collaborative vision of the future. Our intention is to compile everyone’s contributions into a visualization that we’ll share publicly when it’s complete. We’re going to ask you to imagine a scenario, situation, vision, snapshot or memory of the future, in whatever way feels pertinent to you—a complete vision or a fragment of sentiment, within any definition of existence, however simple or complex. We encourage you to think about both huge ideas and tiny details. First, take a minute or two to contemplate the possibilities. Let your mind go! Think big, possibly bizarre and outrageous. Notice small, intricate details. Tap into feelings that push themselves into the foreground. Don’t worry about coming up with any structured ideas—the questions that follow below will help refine and shape your vision. Keep in mind that your vision can be based on a completely new idea for the future and does not have to be based on current, past, or factual scenarios or information. Hold onto that idea in your imagination (or on a notepad!) and proceed when you’re ready by clicking the START button below. While this exercise is fairly straightforward, you’ll make some choices along that way that you’ll need to remember. Having a pencil and paper or other place to record things as you go is a good idea! Answering all of the questions in the simplest way possible will probably take no more than 10-12 minutes, but there is room for you to spend as much time as you like pondering your future worlds and crafting more detailed responses. This includes an option at the very end to upload content (picture, text, audio, video) to elaborate or illustrate your vision, so keep that in mind as your ideas are forming 🙂 Click Start at the bottom right to get started!
The Indefinite and the Infinite: A Canvas of Impressions Please continue reading the next image for more details.